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Layna Moore

Texarkana, Texas

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • React.js


I have always been the "techy" person in the room.

My dad loves to tell the story about when I got my first computer at 5 years old. I was sitting in the breakfast area and my mom was running back and forth between cooking and checking on me. He walked in and in the bossy voice that only young children can do, he heard "if you don't sit right here and listen mom, you are never going to learn how to use a computer!" And thus my tech story began.

I spent my college years unsure of what I wanted to do (a normal thing for 18 year old's in my opinion). History and politics were my passion and I still geek out on historical and political documentaries. I thought teaching history would be it for me. I loved my content and my students but everything just kind of felt meh, after a while. I wanted something new and different.

After Covid, technology boomed in the classroom and our tech department was overwhelmed with teachers needing support. I just jumped in and became unofficial tech support on my campus, helping students and teachers navigate learning and teaching in the virtual world. At this same time, I began researching career options and stumbled on Web Design and Development.

From my first <h1>Hello World!</h1>, I was hooked. I love having the ability to create and problem solve on so many different projects. I am allowed to break and improve my projects (in a separate git branch). I love CSS, all the colors, animations and different ways your can manipulate content is fascinating to me. JavaScript and React challenge my brain and give my logical side a chance to problem solve.

So far I have JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Bootstrap, responsive web design and Git/GitHub under my belt. I've started learning WordPress and testing methods. I know I am just beginning my career in tech and am excited to learn any other programming languages, frameworks, or principles, I can push into my brain.


BS, History
Texas A&M University

MS, Emergency Management
Georgetown University

Credential: Social Studies 6-12
Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure

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